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Membership Information

The Eastside Family Cooperative serves children ages 18 months to around 4 years old (when children often move to pre-school). Our enrollment is rolling with periodic openings throughout the year. Membership is limited to 18 families.

Would you like to join our community? Here's how families become members.

Step 1: Thoroughly read this Web page and these others:

Step 2: Fill-out our on-line membership application to be placed on our wait list. If there is an opening for your child, we will contact you by telephone. Please note: there is a $10 application fee.

If you submit this form, you will automatically be placed on our waiting list. Please update your status every 6 months to confirm your interest in staying on the waiting list. If we have not heard from you, your name will be removed.

Step 3: Once we have contacted you and scheduled a visit, please read the member handbook posted in our members' area thoroughly before bringing your child to Co-op.